Spotify Connect for H190

by Rachel

Stream Spotify through your H190 and even though you hold your music library dear, you will find yourself sneaking onto this app to hear new music recommendations and killer personalized playlists.

Our first real software update for the H190 has just been released, and it includes Spotify Connect certification. This is something that we are particularly proud of since many companies have failed at getting this kind of functionality.  With this update our amplifier grabs the music directly from the Spotify server and your phone is the remote. The setup is easy and there's no extra remote to get lost in the couch!

Download the update here:

  1. Download it to your computer. (Your computer needs to be connected to the same network as the H190.)
  2. Then open a browser window and write the IP address of your H190. (Contact us if you need help!) 
  3. Run the update according to the instructions in your H190 manual.